Let’s get burnin’

Ditch the burn barrel and get a high quality burn incinerator.

McNew’s proudly offers a range of high-quality incinerators designed to meet your waste disposal needs with efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our incinerators provide a safe and legal solution for residents and businesses in North Platte, as they are fully compliant with local regulations and permitted for use within city limits.

Several different sizes to fit your demand. Easy to move, cleaner burning, keeps fire contained


Measurements: 35″ W x 6.5’H
Door opening measurement: 19″ x 22″
Weights about 540 lbs
Price: $1,495.00


Measurements: 50″ W x 58″L x 8.5′ H
Door opening measurement: 23″ x 23″
Weights about 1,250 lbs
Price: $2,195.00

Extra Large

Measurements: 64″ W x 9’8″H
Door opening measurement: 45″ x 24″
Weights about 1,800 lbs
Price: $3,995.00

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