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With best-in-class proprietary suspension and legendary Club Car manufacturing, the only thing your perfect Onward® is missing is a personal touch.


Choose your colors, seats, accessories, and more, then enjoy having a fun excuse to get outside a bit more often with our latest lifted golf cart.

A few customer favorite features…

  • Standard LED headlights and running lamps light your drive, make you more visible to traffic, and help to keep the fun going after sundown.
  • As one of the only personal transportation vehicles constructed from an aircraft-quality aluminum frame, the Onward is uniquely resistant to the elements and will not rust or corrode over time.
  • Don’t choose between style and substance – enjoy the best of both! Club Car’s wide range of available premium seats provide supreme comfort and style.
  • Whether you select a zero-emissions electric powertrain, a sophisticated gasoline engine, or the all-new HP Li-Ion, your Onward® will outperform the competition.

Insights and Specs


Overall Length: 91.5 inches
Overall Width: 48.75 inches
Topped Height: 71 inches
Untopped Height: 49.75 inches
Wheel Base: 65.4 inches
Front Wheel Track: 35.75 inches
Rear Wheel Track: 40 inches
Ground Clearance: 4.5 inches

Power Source: 48V AC
Motor Type: 30V AC motor
Horse Power: 22.4 HP (16.5 kW) Peak
Batteries (qty/type): 8V Flooded Lead Acid (6)
Key or Pedal Start: Pedal
Battery Charger: 48V Shelf or On-board Option
Speed Controller: 375 Amp AC
Drivetrain: Motor Shaft Direct Drive
Rear Axle Ratio:14.85:1

Seating Capactity: 2
Dry Weight(w/o Batteries): 585 lbs
Curb Weight: 980 lbs
Vehicle Load Capacity: 500 lbs
Outside Clearance Circle: 227 inches
High Speed (Level Ground): 19.2 mph
Low Speed (Level Ground):12 mph

Steering: SportDriveTM — Self- compensating double reduction helical rack & pinion
Suspension (front & rear): Front: Independent upper A-arms with hydraulic shocks
Brakes: Self-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drum
Parking Brake Tires: Foot actuated, 3-position 10” Mercury or Atlas wheels – 205/55-10 Loadstar tires

Frame: AlumiCoreTM — Ladder-style aluminum box beam
Body & Finish: Front: Painted TPO | Center: Painted High Impact ABS | Rear: Painted Surlyn
Available Body Colors: Metallic Pearl Blue, Metallic Jade Green, Metallic Tuxedo Black, Metallic Platinum, Metallic Candy Apple Red, Metallic Glacier, Metallic Beige, Metallic Ocean Teal
Available Seat Colors: Standard Beige, Standard White, Standard Black, Premium Light Beige, Premium Camello, Premium Off White, Premium Black, Premium Black/Gray, Premium Gray